Product Line Sheet

Distributor and Manufacturer's Representative
Certified "HUB" Vendor

Industrial Supplies and Maintenance
Mill Supplies, Hardware, Safety HVAC supplies, Plumbing, Tools, Material Handling, Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Tapes, Adhesives, matting, Test Instruments, Fasteners, Wiping Rags, Electrical, Automotive, POLYBAGS, Clean Room Supplies, Gloves, Gatorade, Abrasives, etc.

Air Filtration
Disposable, Pleats, HEPA, Bulk, Rigid, HVAC, Magna, DOP, Metal, etc.

Process & Water Filtration
Pall Corp
Depth, Membrane, Pleats, Metallic, Carbon, Coalescing, Cartridges & Elements, Single and Multi-Cartridge Filter Housings, etc.

Chemical Metering Pumps
Neptune Chemical Pump Co.
Hydraulic Diaphragm, Chemical feed pumpsfor boilers & cooling systems, Pump Repair kits, Portable Mixes, Poly tanks, etc.

Pressure Gauges & Thermometers
Gauges, Thermometers, Thermowelds, Solar & Digital Thermometers, Chart Recorders, Differential Pressure Flow Instrumentation, etc.

Valves- Plumbing & Heating
Conbraco Industries- Albert Sterling
Safety & Relief, Water Gauges, Gas & Air Cocks, Y Strainers, Water Pressure Reducing Valves, Ball, Gate & Check Valves, Pvc Pipe Fittings, Glass Pipe & Fittings, etc.

Industrial Filtration
Fluidtek Corp.
Radial Fin, Metal, Coalescer/Separator, Air/Oil, Depth, Pleated for Air & Liquid, etc.

Dust Filtration
Donaldson/Torit-Filtration Group
Filter Bags, Cartridge, Pleated Bags, Bag Housings, etc.

Wound Filtration
Filtration Inc.
Stringwounds, etc.

Quest Chemical Corp.
Liquids, Cleaning Aids, Disinfectants/Deodorants, Insecticides, Herbicides, Hand Cleaners, Soaps, Floor Care, Automotive, Powders, Aerosols, etc.